Indian Plumbing Conference (IPC) is the national conference of plumbing fraternity organised by the Indian Plumbing Association (IPA) and held at different cities in India.

23rd IPC will be held at Chennai Trade Centre, Chennai, on 22nd & 23rd September  2017.  It is expected to be attended by all stake holders from the construction industry, like – Developers, Architects, Consultants, Contractors, Manufacturers, Dealers and ofcourse End Users.

Madrasapattinam - Madras - Chennai - “Namma” Chennai. The land rich in culture, tradition & history is the Gateway to South India. Being the 4th largest city in India, it’s HOME to 6.4 million Chennaites and a house to the largest IT hub in Asia. The city was born in the year 1639.The land of opportunities and growth - Chennai is called the Detroit of India. This metropolitan city holds major credit for our economic boom as it houses leading industries in the fields of automobile, software services, petrochemicals, financial services, Health care, Education, textiles and manpower. Having much more to offer in almost every walk of life, it is indeed true when a Chennaite says; "Chennai is a city and Madras is an emotion.” With the influx of people and commerce, massive urban development has been taking place in the state in general and Chennai metropolitan region in particular. Growth in manufacturing, export, trade & industry and educational infrastructure, causing boom in the real estate market is one of the reasons for IPA to conduct the 23rd IPC in this mega city.
Considering the size and scope for high rise buildings being constructed in India and the people living & working in them, attention to the importance of plumbing designs and installations, IPA has decided a Central Theme “Intricacies in Plumbing Design for High Rise Buildings” of the conference. Domain experts, from India and abroad will speak, debate and share their knowledge during these two days national plumbing conference.
A concurrent exhibition will also be held to display and demonstrate modern, innovative products & technologies by leading national and international brands.

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