Indian Plumbing Conference (IPC) is the national conference of plumbing fraternity organised by the Indian Plumbing Association (IPA) and held at different cities in India.

24th IPC will be held at Dr. Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Indoor Stadium, Goa on 27th & 28th April 2018.  It is expected to be attended by all stake holders from the construction industry, like – developers, architects, consultants, contractors, manufacturers, dealers and of course end users.

Bejewelled seashores and streets lined with towering palms will welcome you to the small, cosy state of Goa. Culturally rich, linguistically diverse, and brimming with memoirs of a fascinating history, Goa has far more to offer than its natural gifts - making it, unsurprisingly, one of India’s best-known and must-visit destinations. With a coastline full of beaches, Portuguese houses in every colour of the rainbow, splendid churches, old and new, vibrant temples with even livelier festivals - Goa has something for everyone. Alongside a booming tourism industry, infrastructural amelioration has taken a front seat in recent years with multiple large-scale projects being planned and executed to prepare the state for raising itself to the next stage of development. This growth is one of the reasons for IPA to conduct the 24th IPC in this mega city.

To draw attention to important aspects of plumbing especially in coastal areas including rainwater harvesting, energy efficient hot water systems (solar + heat pumps) and smart water management, IPA has decided a central theme, “Plumbing for a Sustainable Future” of the conference. Domain experts, from India and abroad will speak, debate and share their knowledge during these two days national plumbing conference.
A concurrent exhibition will also be held to display and demonstrate modern and innovative products & technologies by leading national and international brands.

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