Professional Membership Form

Communication Address:


Professional Membership Eligibility: Architects/Engineers/Plumbers/Designers/Manufacturers/Sales Personnel/Dealers and Distributors.

Professional Membership is valid for 3 years only and can be renewed or converted into Life Membership during its validity by paying the difference of Membership Fee applicable at the time of Conversion.

Professional Membership is only for the resident Indian Nationals

Fee Particulars:
Admission Fee: Rs.500/-
Membership Fee: Rs.3000/-
GST @ 18%: Rs.630/-
Total amount payable: Rs. 4,130/


In case of non-acceptance of the application made for Professional Membership, entire amount remitted will be refunded to the Applicant by IPA within a week.

Applicant agrees to abide by the Memorandum & Articles of Association of IPA

For any clarifications please contact / 011-49863152

IPA reserves the right to reject any application, without assigning any reason thereof.