• Redefining Plumbing Standards in India
  • Striving for an overall improvement of the plumbing profession in India at par with international standards
  • Active participation with the global body in the plumbing profession

To uplift the dignity of the profession by encouraging members to:

  • Adopt correct professional practices
  • Adhere to ethical codes of conduct
  • Aim for the highest standards of workmanship
  • Promote and foster healthy relationships within the fraternity

To promote advancement of plumbing services in the country by:

  • Organising seminars, exhibitions, symposiums to educate members of the trade and the general public
  • Providing a platform for the dissemination of information and exchange of ideas on matters related to the plumbing profession
  • Establishing harmonious means of communication to facilitate better interface between the plumbing community, government/quasi government agencies, statutory bodies, NGOs and private agencies
  • Establishing training and education programmes to create plumbing professionals