The branding philosophy of

10th World Plumbing Conference

Nov 2013, New Delhi, India

Motif (semantics)

The letter forms "WPC" have been calligraphically rendered, giving them a feeling of freedom, symbolizing a new world and joyous life.

Brand Visual Semantics

Presenting modern, dynamic & progressive India Presenting the concept of unity in diversity through vivid colours

Reflecting central theme of World Plumbing Conference 2013, Environment, Health, Hygiene.


  • Salmon pink for Health
  • Sunflower yellow for Hygiene
  • Crystal blue for Environment

A delegation led by Shri S G Deolalikar with 6 members attended the World Plumbing Council (WPC) Conference at Hong Kong in 1993 even before IPA was formally formed.

Mr. Sudhakaran Nair, nominated by IPA as President was elected as Member of Executive Board, (WPC) during the World Plumbing Conference in 2005 at Auckland and there after remained its Board Member till he was elected as WPC Chairman in 2013 at the World Plumbing Conference held in New Delhi. Mr Sudhakaran Nair was the first Indian & Asian to receive this great honor.

IPA delegation has also attended the WPC General Meeting at different places regularly. IPA through its representative, Mr. Sudhakaran Nair, has played an important role in WPC. The bid for organizing the 10th World Plumbing Conference at New Delhi in November 2013 was successfully approved during the 7th Triennial WPC Meeting at Calgary, Canada in September 2008. India was selected to hold this prestigious conference after a well-defined bidding process.

IPA has also supported and funded various WPC initiatives including scholarships since 2014.

Scholarships & Supports to World Plumbing Council

2013: Contribution to Alliance Water Efficiency as financial Support for low flow plumbing fixtures for efficiency of drainage systems

Contribution to Operation Eyesight Universal, Zambia for creation of Boreholes in Zambia

2014, 2015 & 2016: Contribution to World Plumbing Council towards Scholarships for least developed & developing countries

2016: Contribution to American Society of Plumbing Engineers as Patron Sponsorship at the International Emerging Technology Symposium

Scholarships recipients of World Plumbing Council:

  • Mr. Subhash Deshpande
  • Mr. Chintan Daiya
  • Dr. Nitin Mohite

IPA sponsored team participated in the first Community Plumbing Challenge in 2015 at Nashik.

Theme: Plumbing – Vital to Global Health.

IPA sponsored Team participated in Diepsloot, north of Johannesburg, South Africa in 2016

Team and participants mentored & lead by
Mr. Milind Shete & Mr. Subhash Deshpande.