Codes and Standards

Rapid development in the Indian construction industry required the plumbing sector to keep pace with modern plumbing technology. For this, existing Codes, Standards and practices required improvements from time to time to match international standards.

To incorporate and implement the latest technology and systems, to protect public health & hygiene and bring along uniformity of plumbing installations throughout India, IPA entered into an agreement with IAPMO (USA) to use, adopt, edit, and supplement the Uniform Plumbing Code (UPC), keeping all basic principles of the original UPC intact to suit Indian laws, conditions and accepted good engineering practices.

India We Stand

2017 Water Efficient Products - India (WEP-I)

2017 Uniform Illustrated Plumbing Code - India

2019 Uniform Swimming Pool Code – India

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Precautionary Measures for Plumbing Systems for COVID-19