Indian Plumbing Association

Indian plumbing association

The stalwarts came together in 1993

The 1990s were a time for frenetic development in the building industry with large projects coming up all over the country. Leading business personalities and professionals, associated with building construction activities, such as architects, engineers, real estate owners, project managers as well as manufacturers, etc. all felt the need to form a national Plumbing Association to facilitate free flow of knowledge on plumbing designs, products, international technologies and installations.

As far back as 1993, some stalwarts led by Shri S. G. Deolalikar banded themselves into a dedicated founders’ team for forming a pan India Association in March 1993 which was eventually and formally registered as Indian Plumbing Association (IPA), a NGO.

There was a huge vacuum already, waiting to be filled and each and every person approached, willingly became a part of IPA, further volunteering to work towards spreading the Aims and Objectives of the Association.

To date, IPA has 24 Chapters set up across the country with duly elected Executive Committees to serve the society. All IPA volunteers are committed towards making India, a country with Better Plumbing for Better Living.

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