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Indian Plumbing Professional League - 2020

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Indian Plumbing Professionals League 2020

IPPL 2020 FINALE was conducted virtually on 05th December 2020. The IPPL Finale started very enthusiastically with all participants energetically launching their keypads on their mobile phones to participate in the Finale Quiz. IPPL 2020 had 1377 registered participants from 107 cities and 20 leading Indian Plumbing industry Experts deliberated on Good Plumbing practices during the learning sessions. There were 3 rounds in total in the Finale. The First Round was open to all, which had 40 questions on multiple choice basis and the participants had to answer via mobile keypad. After the First round 25 top scorers were declared, who entered into Second Round and they competed again with multiple-choice question for the final round. Finally, top 6 scorers were selected for the Final Buzzer Round. In the Final Buzzer Round, Winner, 1st Runner-up and 2nd Runner-up were declared and their cash rewards were announced. The remaining 3 participants were also rewarded with consolation prizes.

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