Student Chapter



  • To promote the knowledge sharing and dissemination about Plumbing Engineering.
  • To create awareness about Plumbing Engineering amongst young Architectural, Engineering graduates / Polytechnic students.
  • To take initiative in promoting and opting Plumbing Engineering Subjects / Curriculum in the colleges.
  • To enhance the Industry Institute Interaction.
  • To facilitate the Institutes for promoting Outcome Based Education (OBE) by imparting the Skills and Skill Education.
  • To strive for creating awareness of Water conservation amongst all sections of the society.
  • To make students learn about Net Zero Water strategies & implement the same.
  • Develop & implement new strategies for R.W.H & sustainability.

Privileges to Institute/ Student Chapter

  • Free membership to Students enrolled in the Chapter of the Institute.
  • Uniform Illustrated Plumbing Code – I (UIPC-I) one copy for the library.
  • A Guide to Good Plumbing Practices (AGGPP) English, WEPI, We Stand, one copy of each for the library.
  • Two copies of Indian Plumbing Today monthly magazine, every month to Institute. Soft copies will be emailed to all Student Members on their registered email.
  • Opportunity to sign MoU with the industries on behalf of the Institute. IPA may facilitate campus interviews wherever possible by the Chapter Chairman.
  • Every student member will be issued a Student Membership Certificate from IPA HQ valid for the period as per Student’s Academic Years.
  • Each Student Member will get a certificate from IPA after attending an IPA webinar, Plumbing conference, IPPL training or any other educational sessions.

Benefit to Students